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We are Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Bing Ads certified. We can get you the ROI you seek while expanding your customer base.

ad·ver·tis·ing cam·paign


An organized course of action to promote a product or service. "The launch was accompanied by a high-profile advertising campaign"


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We have over twelve years of experience running PPC Ad campaigns for our employers, large firms in Europe, Brazil and the U.S.A., and ultimately our clients. understanding PPC is much more than selecting a few keywords and sitting back and waiting for traffic. Keyword analysis is only one part of an in-depth process that if correctly created, can turn a struggling business into a player within its industry.

After an initial consultation, to understand your basic goals, our technician will begin what we call our DAS (Depth Analysis Strategy). Sometimes, where a client thinks they are, and where the public sees them, is not the same thing. In the DAS phase, we will analyze this and come up with the best solution to further the company and get them the traffic and ultimately the customers they desire.

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Our campaigns are simply effective

We are so sure that you'll be pleased by the ROI (Return On Investment) that we achieve for you, that we have no sign-up fees or minimal ad campaign requirements. Furthermore, you can stop the campaign at any time, with no questions asked.

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